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Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd. (RPPL), is a one stop solution abode for all media services. Since 1966, we have changed the advertising scenario in & around Maharashtra.

Hence it’s no surprise that apart from being INS Accredited, RPPL is also the first Indian advertisinRaviraj Group’, a communications and branding saga since 1966, has been creating trends and transforming clients into brands in and around Maharashtra. Soon, this phenomenon in the advertising arena will be weaved across the country.

We have been one stop media solution for Advertising, Branding, Corporate Identity Development, Media Purchasing & Planning, Event Management, Audio-Video Production, 3D Animation, Website Design & Development, etc. From promoting modest clients to branding multinational companies, we have just the right expertise for you. ag organization with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation from Bureau Veritas.


To be the foremost Advertising and Publication agency known for creativity, strategic prowess, and steadfast client commitment. We aim to redefine industry standards through innovative campaigns, driven by our passionate team’s expertise. Our vision is to be the go-to agency, shaping the industry’s future by setting new benchmarks and inspiring excellence.


Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd. is committed to leading innovative advertising and publication solutions. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity, and strategic thinking, we strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

We aim to foster a collaborative and inspiring work environment that empowers our team to continuously push boundaries, break new ground, and redefine industry standards.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships, we aspire to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking impactful and influential advertising and publication services.

Our Great Team

Our great team is a cohesive unit driven by collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision. With diverse talents and expertise, we tackle challenges with creativity and determination, achieving remarkable results together. Committed to excellence, we support each other, celebrate successes, and continuously strive for growth and improvement.

LeaderShip Team

Mr. Ravindra Laxman Mankani

CEO, Raviraj Group of Companies

Actor, Director

Mr. Mankani has over 40 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, characterized by his strategic thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence. His impressive journey encompasses multiple successful careers, including acting, directing, producing, and owning various businesses.

His leadership has brought about numerous product launches, market expansion endeavours, PAN India brand-building campaigns, and global promotions for renowned companies. He transformed the advertising company into a media conglomerate by launching subsidiaries, including an audio-video production house, a recording studio, and an event management enterprise.


Under the banner of Rohan’s Eye Pvt. Ltd., his A-V production company, Mr. Mankani has directed corporate films, television commercials, and product promotion ads. He has led cross-functional teams in introducing pioneering concepts in the advertising and media domain.

Mr. Mankanir’s illustrious acting career spans four decades, featuring a strong portfolio of Hindi and Marathi films, TV serials, and documentaries. As a civil engineer, he successfully completed a 2.5 Cr project with Maharashtra Housing Development Corporation.

Notably, Mr. Mankani has received multiple regional and national awards, both as a businessman and an actor. His commitment to giving back to the community shines through his active involvement in the Rotary Club of Pune Pride and other charitable organisations. He’s an advocate for non-profit initiatives, free skill-development workshops, and cultural festivals promotion, contributing to positive social impact and sustainable development.

Mr. Mankani’s remarkable journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and community service. He continues to inspire and lead by example in his diverse and impactful roles.


  • RAPA (National Award) for best radio advertisement won for 14 consecutive years.
  • CEAD Award (Pune region) for print and radio advertising from 1987 to 1994.
  • Producer of Marathi serial ‘Zale Mokale Akash’ which won awards for the Best Serial, Best Director, & Best Cinematography by Maharashtra Times Award in 2002.
  • Distribution and production of the Marathi Movie ‘Gho Mala Asla Hava’ which bagged 9 State
  • Awards & Best Jury Award at Pune International Film festival (PIFF).
  • Audio drama of 26 episodes for Akashwani based on the popular novel ‘Chhava’.
  • Production of National Award Winner audio serial ‘Swamini’ for Akashwani.
  • First Indian advertising and event management agency to get ISO certified by BVQI.
  • Stall Designing Awards in the industrial sector.
  • Video production of the mythological TV serial ‘Moraya Gosavi’.
  • 35+ Documentaries (script, direction, production) on Indian scientists for H K Firodia Awards.
  • 25+ Credited Acting Roles in Hindi and Marathi films collectively.
  • 20+ Credited Acting Roles in Marathi TV Serials
  • 20+ Credited Acting Roles in Hindi TV Serials
  • 5 Best Actor Awards at regional and national level.
  • 2 Best Supporting Actor Awards at regional and national level.

Mrs. Sunetra Ravindra Mankani

Director, Admin & HR

With a strong academic background, Mrs. Mankani holds a B.A. & M.A. in Marathi Literature, a B.Ed. in Marathi & Geography, and an M.Phil in Marathi Theatre & Dark Comedy.

As the head of Administration & HR, Mrs. Mankani brings her extensive experience to the forefront. With 35 years of experience in Marathi copywriting, press articles, media planning, and event organisation, she is a seasoned professional in the advertising and media industry. Her versatility extends to being a scriptwriter and voiceover artist for over 350 radio ads and 50 radio programs.

Mrs. Mankani’s achievements are notable, having served as the President of RAMA (Regional Advertising & Marketing Association) from 2009 to 2010.

Beyond her professional life, Mrs. Mankani is an active member of the Rotary Club of Pune Pride for 14 years, having served as Secretary (2009-10) and President (2011-12). She’s also the Co-President of Yogi Arvind Manch since 2006.

Her commitment to education is evident as she serves as a Syllabus committee member for Marathi Language at the Maharashtra Education Society (MES) since 2021. With her diverse expertise, Mrs. Sunetra Mankani plays an integral role in shaping the success and culture of Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd.

Rohan Mankani

Creative Director

Rohan brings a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to the creative landscape. Armed with a Diploma in Photography from DES Fergusson College, Pune University, and a B.Sc. in Botany from Fergusson College, he has a unique blend of artistic and scientific acumen. His passion for knowledge extends to a Diploma in Wine & Spirits (Level 2) from WSET, London.

His portfolio includes over 500+ ads as a Freelance Copywriter for Radio Mirchi, along with contributions to Maharashtra Navnirman Academy and various production studios in Pune. Rohan has also ventured into film and television, with credited roles in Marathi films, daily soaps, TVCs, and commercial plays.

Beyond his creative pursuits, Rohan has held leadership positions in various organisations, including Director at Display Creators Pvt. Ltd., Pune District President, and Pune City President for BJPCKA, affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya BJP Kaamgar Aghadi. He also serves as the Cultural President for MNVS (Pune City & Rural) and has been a campaign consultant to multiple political parties and candidates since 2008.

Sushrut Mankani

Creative Director (Production)

Sushrut is the creative force behind the audio-visual production wing of Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd. His creative vision transforms client objectives into engaging narratives, driving effective marketing campaigns and brand communication. With extensive experience in the realm of Film Direction and Acting, Sushrut is a seasoned Corporate Film and Advertising Director with a flair for crafting compelling visual content. Leading creative teams, from pre-production to post-production, Sushrut thrives on utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative storytelling techniques to create impactful corporate films and advertisements.

As the Creative Director at Vibrainia Studios, Sushrut has spearheaded film production activities, masterfully managing budgets, schedules, and resources. His collaboration with directors, producers, and creative teams ensures the successful execution of film projects. Sushrut’s expertise extends to overseeing the selection and coordination of cast and crew, location scouting, securing permits, and handling logistical intricacies for on-set production. He is also adept at monitoring production expenses, implementing safety protocols, and facilitating seamless communication between departments.

Beyond his role as a director, Sushrut’s versatile career as an Associate Director and Actor has encompassed over 13 Marathi films, 6 Marathi serials, 3 Hindi films, and Hindi serials. His multi-faceted talents and unwavering commitment make him an indispensable asset to Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd., driving creativity and excellence in every project.

Mugdha Paranjpe



Mugdha, an MBA in Marketing from Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Pune, possesses a unique blend of strategic acumen, sales expertise, and operational excellence. She kick-started her career as a Management Trainee at Balaji Telefilms, ICE Institute, mastering client interaction and event management, setting the stage for her successful journey in marketing and sales.


During her role as an HNI Senior Executive at HDFC Realty, Mugdha spearheaded the launch of the Amit Astonia Classic project, driving successful deal closures and innovative sales strategies. Her skill in nurturing client relationships led to outstanding after-sales support and valuable referrals.


As an Executive Assistant at Dashami Studioz, Mugdha displayed exceptional organisational skills, managing complex schedules and production projects. Her ability to handle legal coordination highlighted her versatility.


Currently serving as COO at Raviraj Publicity Pvt. Ltd., Mugdha oversees day-to-day operations, budget management, and growth strategies. She collaborates with department heads, excels in market analysis, and fosters an innovative work culture while maintaining client relationships. Reporting to the CEO and the board of directors, Mugdha’s commitment to excellence, passion for innovation, and dedication to success make her an integral part of the organisation’s growth journey.

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Our affinity with print campaigns goes back to 50 years. Much like us, print media has been a key player all through the advertising evolution. And it continues to be a maestro in mainstream advertising for specific markets. So when it comes to defining what works in this medium and what doesn’t, you can safely assume, we know better than most.

Logo l Brand Stationery l Flyers l Brochures l Brand Guidelines Book l Newspaper Ads l Magazine Ads l Company Calendars l Packaging Designs l Standee l Invitations I Environment Branding l OOH l & More…


We claim to have the most contemporary audio-visual setup in the city, simply because, well, it is. Our technologically advanced in-house studio has churned out many popular music numbers, regional movies, and multimedia campaigns. We’ve recruited the best-of-breed shooting crew, sound engineers, editors, writers and artists to get your message out in the best possible manner.  

Radio Campaigns l TVCs l Social Media Videos l Corporate Films l Product Photography l Model Photography l & More…


Online advertising revolutionised the way brands connect with potential customers. Marketing campaigns intermix creativity with pre-defined metrics. Our approach goes beyond leveraging the demographics, data, and digital platforms, by optimising campaigns with a strategic compelling narrative. We believe, enabling personalization, quantifiable results, trackable metrics, may offer better control of your marketing outcome, but a gripping narrative incites audiences into action.

Website Designing l Social Media Marketing l Brand Optimization l & More…


We love bringing events to life. Our entertainment and production background entitles us to put on a great show by blending artistic and technical expertise. We collaborate with your team right from event conceptualization, creative direction, to its stunning production and promotion. Our team works down to the smallest detail for a truly memorable guest experience. And in the events world, a great guest experience is the currency.

Exhibition Stall Design l Product Launch l Corporate Events l Cultural Events l Vehicle Branding l Political Campaigns l Mall Activations l & More…

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